The Ace Riot Of Sound

The Ace Riot Of Sound

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Minty And The Beeb Go Gigging Live Review Of The Ace From 2013 Liverpool IPO, At The Cavern Club

As we're playing the Headingley Beer Festival this Saturday (October 12th|), here's a review of our previous gig at Liverpool Cavern's IPO, written on the Minty And The Beeb Go Gigging blog. Hopefully we'll be as bonkers this Saturday.

If The Ace were a wood preserver, they would do exactly what it says on the tin….. they are ACE! This is a trio (Daz on drums, Jonny on guitar and Nige on bass) from Leeds who wear paisley shirts and have 60’s mod beat down to a tee - their songs are brilliant foot stompers. They had just finished their first slot in the Pub before starting up on the front stage where we saw them, and we have no idea where their drummer gets his energy from to complete a second slot so soon! He is a brilliant drummer and completely wild and mad when he plays. They played a real blinder of a set, and in particular “Oh Yeah” went down a storm - it’s a great mod beat, you just can’t beat. They describe themselves on their Facebook page as “Sugar Shaking Poptastic Mayhem Straight Outta The Garage” and that hits it right on the head. Half an hour playing time was just way too short, but we are really pleased we had the opportunity to catch them this year.

The Ace after their set

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