The Ace Riot Of Sound

The Ace Riot Of Sound

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Man Out Of Time From New 7" Single On Crocodile Records

New The Ace 7" Vinyl Single, On Crocodile Records, Now Available!

The Ace have a new vinyl 7" single available now, featuring the songs I Dream Love and Man Out Of Time. The single has been released, in collaboration, with Crocodile Records, the label based out of Manchester, England. We have plenty of vinyl available, but we have a special promo package, for the next 15 sales, directly from The Ace!. The package includes the vinyl single, Egil's Head-Ransom CD single and various promo cards. The package is available for £5, plus £2 p&p in the UK. If you're interested in buying the single, drop us an email. For International p&p drop us an email for postage costs.

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Ace - Into the Action

If you like what you hear, Into The Action features on The Ace's new album 'Riot Of Sound'. The album can be downloaded at Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Records bandcamp for pay what you want!

The Ace's new album Riot Of Sound is now available on CD, by paypal for £6 (with p&p) in the UK, £10 with p&p International. For details, please email us. Riot Of Sound made number 1 in radio DJ Mike Murray's Boss 20 for January, on his Whole Lotta Shakin' Radio Show WRUR. We're currently number 2 for February. Strange Things Are Happening Blog says Riot Of Sound is 'packed full of Nuggety Goodness'! Be groovy get Riot Of Sound!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Ace's Riot Of Sound Reviewed On The Modernist Society Blog

The Ace's new album Riot Of Sound has been reviewed on The Modernist Society Blog, by Paul Hooper-Keeley. The full review is below. If you like the sound of the review, please drop us an email if you'd like to buy the CD, or visit to download the album (if you'd like to donate, the currency is in Swedish Krona for the download)

Here is the full review!

It’s always great to get the latest release from excellent Leeds band, The Ace, so when their new album, ‘Riot Of Sound’, dropped through my letter box there was certainly an air of excitement.

You’ll be pleased to know that I wasn’t disappointed and this truly under-rated band have delivered the goods yet again.

I’m always loath to compare songs and bands to artists or genres from the past, but unless I give some reference points then I can’t really give you the review that The Ace and yourselves deserve.

‘Riot Of Sound’ it most certainly is, and The Ace have developed a fantastic mid/late 60s Garage sound that I really like. The album opens with ‘Somewhere In The Back Of My Mind’ which consolidates their garage credentials and is a great opener. Then comes the magnificent ‘Man Out Of Time’ that had the hairs on my neck standing up – starting with wonderful bass-line that combines The Zombies ‘She’s Not There’ with The Jam’s ‘Monday’, the songs builds, then stops, then builds again with Nige’s vocal style working really well (with more reflections of The Zombies as the song moves on). Superb.

‘I Dream Love’ is built around a very nice Rubber Soul/Revolver era riff whilst ‘The Loser’s Game’ has a West Coast, almost Byrds-like feel about it. ‘Take My Love’ is another super track, as is ‘Into The Action’ with it’s Liam Gallagher ‘Act-shun’ enunciation. A short instrumental (except for vocal oohs and ahs) sounds like very early Syd Barrett Pink Floyd.

I really like ‘Misunderstood’, which builds on subject matter previously visited on earlier recordings by The Ace. Jonny hits the microphone more towards the later stages of the album and we are treated to the harder sound of ‘Food Of The Gods’ and ‘Eating Excitement’. ‘Daddy Don’t Worry is another great track whilst the album’s anthemic finale, ‘Another Teenage Life Is Wasted’, has a driving bass-line that brought The Untouchables’ ‘Free Yourself’ to my mind.

In summary, this is another ace album in both name and description – if you like your music in the ’65-’67 garage-esque styling, but with so much more, then this is the album for you.

The Ace deserve more UK radio exposure (although they are big on the US College radio scene), more gigs, and more releases – perhaps their inclusion in scene related compilation releases would help to get their music out to more of you. In the meantime, buy this album (available on CD and download) via: -

Visit the blog here

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Ace's Riot Of Sound Reviewed On A Beat City Diary

The Ace's Riot Of Sound has been featured on Rob Massey's A Beat City Diary Blog, and he writes a perfectly concise review of our album. Rob also put Riot Of Sound in his top 5 releases of 2015!

Rob writes

'If you want to fill your head with quality garage rock, you could do a lot worse than checking out this gem of an album. The Ace, hailing from Leeds and featuring Jonny Magus of Sohostrut fame, have produced Riot Of Sound, a collection of tunes that deliver power, energy, a heartfelt rawness that come through every groove on the record. Standout tunes for me are Man Out Of Time, Misunderstood and Another Teenage Life Is Wasted.'

Check out our review and Rob's blog at this link

The Ace's Riot Of Sound Album Review On STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING Blog

The Ace's album Riot Of Sound has been given a big thumbs up at the Strange Things Are
Happening Blog for THEE PSYCHEDELICATESSEN collective! 

Here is the review

'What can you say about Leeds based Beat/Garage/Bubblegum/Psyche/Power PoppersThe Ace?.........well they are…..erm…..pretty ace!!!!Their new album Riot Of Sound is a teenage rampage of sugar shaking poptastic mayhem straight outta the garage with hooks as sharp as a needle. Taking influences from The Searchers to The Standells to The Stairs, The Ace take the fizzy sounds of 60's Beat and Garage Rock, add a touch of Bubblegum, a dash of Soul and a large helping of  manic pop thrill  making them a real toe tapping, hip swinging, ass shaking, upbeat affair.

Riot Of Sound is an amphetamine headrush of the best up tempo, seriously danceable tracks from the mid-sixties British Mod/Freakbeat era with also a tip of the hat to the early eighties with a Pop Art collision of the Mod revival/Neo Psych scenes. With added fizzing Farfisa to fill out a model bass, drums, guitar line-up, The Ace blow the roof offa the joint with 12 tracks of top tunes and rave ups as tight as you like. Among the standout tracks are the very groovy ‘I Dream Love’ and ‘Misunderstood’, the Modish ‘Into The Action’ and ‘Take My Love’ which is packed full of Nuggety goodness. This record is an excellent distillation of the era in British music just before the Mods started dropping acid………think early Kinks, Beatles, The Action, The Who, The Attack, The Poets, Yardbirds and you are going to in the right place and at the right time for the inspiration/influences you can hear on Riot Of Sound. Dig The Ace’s happening 60s scene kids.

Released as a “name your price” digital download through the very cool Swedish Power Pop/ Mod/Surf/ Punk/ New Wave/Northern Soul internet radio show/boutique label Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More Records and available from their Bandcamp site at There also may be a CD release in the pipeline so keep a look out for that.'

Check out the review and Strange Things Are Happening Blog here at

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Ace's Riot Of Sound Available To Download Now!

The digital version of The Ace's new album, Riot Of Sound, is now available at Ice Cream Man Records bandcamp site. It is pay what you want, so get downloading! A massive thank you to Wayne Lundqvist Ford for helping out The Ace, with the digital release of the album, we're off and running! Hopefully we'll have the CD version of the album available soon. Wayne lives in Sweden, so the release is in Swedish coin, so some conversion maybe necessary, if you're gonna donate for the album!