The Ace Riot Of Sound

The Ace Riot Of Sound

Thursday, 31 January 2013

David Bash's Best Releases of 2012

Hi Folks

The Ace have had some more good news, our album 'Next Time Around' managed to sneak into David Bash's 'best of' list for 2012. David is best known for being the CEO of the International Pop Overthrow festivals, a respected music journalist and expert on all things POP! We came 125 out of the list of 125, but we made it onto the list. Hopefully, we'll rise up the table with our future releases, if we can come up with the tunes.

Check out the David's various lists for 2012 here,

More Liverpool IPO news soon from The Ace.


Jonny Magus

Radio DJ Mike Murray's Boss 50 for the year of 2012

The Ace made it twice into Mike Murray's Boss 50 for the year of 2012. Our promo demo Strung Out Love Strung came in at 24 (which became our Another Top Pop EP, as the freebee with our album) and 'Next Time Around' made number 22. Great News!
Mike's Whole Lotta Shakin' radio show goes out Saturday's 4-6pm EST on WRUR-FM 88.5 or streaming at outta Rochester, NY, USA. 

DJ Alan May aka Glory Boy, Top 50 tunes of 2012, featured on his radio show.

Here's mod radio DJ Alan May aka Glory Boy, Top 50 tunes of the year (2012) from his show. It's great a mix of old and new tunes. The Ace's Oh Yeah ( from our Another Top Pop EP) came in at number 7, very cool news indeed.
Alan May AKA Glory Boy spins the tunes on his and is broadcast on 6 Towns Radio every Sunday 7pm-9pm.
6 Towns Radio is here 
Alan's shows are also archived on mixcloud, so go check out some of his great shows where he mixes up Blues, Garage, Hammond, R n B, 6 T's bands,Fuzz, Tamla, soul, Jazz, Mod revival, European Mod, USA of Mod, 80's /90's bands, new Mod, unsigned bands and artistes.....
Here's the top 50 tunes
1 The Scene - Stop / Go!
2 Springtide Cavalry - Runaway
3 The Purple Hearts - Head on Collision time
4 Squire - My mind goes round in circle...s
5 Secret Affair - I'm not free but i'm cheap
6 The Loop - Theres a fire
7 The Ace - Oh Yeah
8 Button Up - Same time same place
... 9 The Theme- First time i saw you
10 The Chords - British way of Life
11 Eurovox - Victoria
12 The Past Tense - Jimmys love song
13 French Boutik - Les chats de gouttiere
14 The Creation - Biff bag pow
15 Detours - Leaving here
16 Fixations - No Way out
17 The Small Hours - Business in town
18 Modest Proposal - I've seen your face before
19 Pope / Chords UK / Mutiny on the thames
20 Castaways - Liar Liar
21 Thee Vicars - Feels so good
22 The Jam - Abomb in Wardour street
23 Chris Casey Combo 66 - 19th Rant
24 Yellowstone - Jimmy says
25 The Directions - Weekend Dancers
26 Sema 4 - Messages
27 The Town - Gimmie a chance
28 Lambrettas - Runaround
29 Merton Parkas - Hard Times
30 Dr Feelgood - Mad man Blues
31The Control - Playground punks
32 Mild Mannered Janitors - Mr Goodtime
33 Wideboy Generation - Welcome to the new Generation
34 Kingsmen- Louie Louie
35 Beggar - All Night
36 Royal Hangmen - Ace Face
37 The Circles - Mr Suburbia
38 Noise Quartet - Hot for you
39 Universal - Is this England
40 Killermeters - Rhona
41Red star - Low down dirty frenzy
42 Marmalade sky - I'm a fool
43 Ungowa- In your face
44Grenediers - Pillars of Lambeth row
45 Thee Generators - Gotta Move on
46The Cycle Paths - Halfway
47 Bob Manton - 1974
48 The Bureau -Let him have it
49The Frays - Keep me coming
50 Novatones - Living for the weekend

'Next Time Around' makes No.22 on Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More blog! for the best of 2012

The Ace made it onto another 'best of 2012' list. The Ace's 'Next Time Around' made it into the top 30 albums of the year, on Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More! blog. We made number 22, so we're well pleased. Check out the link, Sugar Shakin'!
Jonny Magus

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Ace feature in Mr. Suave's Best of 2012 Modcast

Hi Folks

The Ace featured in Mr Suave's Best Of 2012, on his Mod Mod World Blog and podcast. The Ace are amongst some fine acts, such as Mile Kane, The Vaccines, and hot new Irish outfit The Strypes. Check out Mr Suave's blog and download the podcast from here. Oh Yeah! is The Ace tune featured on the blog. It is all very exciting!



Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Ace 'Yorkshire's Most 'Dynamic' Group!' on Modernist Society Blog

Hi Folks

I've been in the process of moving house, so I'll be updating all news about The Ace soon. In the meantime, here's a recent article about The Ace from the Modernist Society Blog, check out the link for the article and hear about The Ace, 'Yorkshire's Most 'Dynamic' Group!'!

Cheers Jonny Magus