The Ace Riot Of Sound

The Ace Riot Of Sound

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Ace on A Beat City Diary

Hi Folks

Beat popping soul rhyming scribbler Rob Massey has written a short article about The Ace on his A Beat City Diary blog, which also features The Ace tune, Go Go Girl. Rob also writes short stories exploring mod lifestyle and the wider currents of pop culture with his Notes From New Bohemia Blog. You must check out the links!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Ace Reviews From Ice Cream Man Power Pop Blog

The Ace - Next Time Around

A couple of weeks ago, I received a really nice e-mail asking me if I would like to check out a Beat/Garage/Bubblegum band with a bit of psyche from a band called "The Ace."  I listened to the couple of tracks they had sent with the mail and was blown away.  The band had very kindly offered to send me  a CD if I was interested, I literally bit their hand off with their kind offer (if that is possible in an e-mail?) and eagerly awaited delivery.
The album, "Next Time Around" arrived yesterday with an additional 3 track EP and has barely been off the stereo since.
This 3 piece from Leeds truly evoke the sound and energy of the beat bands of the American west coast, every song here is driven forward with real style and panache.
If, like me, you are a keen collector of the Rubbles, Pebbles and Texas Flasbacks collections, then "The Ace" are a band that you will enjoy immensely.

This album is an absolute listening pleasure from start to finish, anyone who is passionate about the Freakbeat/Beat/Garage genres, will find hours, days, months, years of delight in this album, ace by name ace by nature! The Ice Cream Man

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Another Top Pop EP Review From Spanish Blogzine Kick Out The Jams

Here is a review of The Ace's Another Top Pop EP from Spanish Blogzine Kick Out The Jams.

The original review can be seen here


The Ace – Another Top Pop (We Dig This Cdep)

Otro single que me tiene loco, en estas últimas semanas estos tres temas no dejan de sonar a la mínima ocasión. The Ace son un trío británico con claras influencias mods, pero con unas  canciones que tienen todo tipo de influencias desde el freakbeat al sonido chicletero del glam mas recomendable, pero con la capacidad de hacer un disco que no suena a refrito sin tener las ideas claras. Empiezan con un trallazo de vitamina en clave soul que parece sacado de una fraternidad universitaria yanki, “Oh yeah” es un revienta pistas en toda regla con un sonido demoledor, los coros beat de “Get me home on time” en linea Hollies pero con un sonido contundente, con la guitarras dándole al fuzz, con final apoteósico como si los Ramones en vena glam estuvieran despidiendo a la década de los 60’s, los toques de psicodelia llegan con “Strung out love strung” con voces en espiral, guitarras al revés, coros simples y entrega vocal. Un ep que regalan con su álbum “Next time around” al que tengo puesto el oído con total curiosidad y del que hablaremos en los próximos días. Oscar Garcia

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Bloodstains Gig @ Baby Jupiter

We had a great night at Baby Jupiter playing The Bloodstains event (on Saturday 9th March). All the bands were great, and it was packed out and hot like an oven. We did our thing with The Ace and we went down well, much to our delight. Groovy!