The Ace Riot Of Sound

The Ace Riot Of Sound

Monday, 7 October 2013

Have An Ale With The Ace @ Headingley Beer Festival Saturday 12th October Leeds

Hi Folks

The Ace will be playing Headingley Beer festival this Saturday, October 12th 2013, In Leeds. We have a rough stage time of 10.45pm and they'll be 5 rocknroll bands playing the booze up through Saturday evening. The festival is at the New Headingley Club and many beers from Germany and the USA will feature. It is £2 into the festival; so please get yourself down, have a glass of ale and dig the sounds of The Ace.

The Ace are playing Headingley Beer Festival this Saturday 12th October, gonna be a blast at this booze up. The line-up is below. Many thanks to Jay from Nervous Twitch for getting the show together.

Rock n Roll running order (approx)
10.45 - The Ace
10.00 - Radio Partizan
9.15 - Sick Men Of Europe
8.30 - LS3
7.30/45 - Nervous Twitch

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